> resources > views > auth > forgot-password.blade.php
        <x-slot name="logo">
            <a href="/">
                <x-application-logo class="w-20 h-20 fill-current text-gray-500" />
        <div class="mb-4 text-sm text-gray-600">
            {{ __('Forgot your password? No problem. Just let us know your email address and we will email you a password reset link that will allow you to choose a new one.') }}
        <!-- Session Status -->
        <x-auth-session-status class="mb-4" :status="session('status')" />
        <!-- Validation Errors -->
        <x-auth-validation-errors class="mb-4" :errors="$errors" />
        <form method="POST" action="{{ route('') }}">
            <!-- Email Address -->
                <x-label for="email" :value="__('Email')" />
                <x-input id="email" class="block mt-1 w-full" type="email" name="email" :value="old('email')" required autofocus />
            <div class="flex items-center justify-end mt-4">
                    {{ __('Email Password Reset Link') }}