> config > replacements.php
use App\Actions\CreateLink;
return [
    // Obscure my vapor id because it's none of your business.
    env('VAPOR_ID') => 'id: xxxxx',
    'Fathom Analytics' => app(CreateLink::class)
        ->execute('Fathom Analytics',
            'One of th easiest ways to take a bit of your life back from Google'),
    // Shameless plug for one of my little SaaS apps
    'VaporLog' => app(CreateLink::class)
        'An app I built and use to greatly improve my logging experience on Vapor-deployed sites'),
    // Share my vapor.yml file so that people can see how I set this silliness up
    'my vapor.yml file' => app(CreateLink::class)
        ->execute('my vapor.yml file',
        'A redacted but useful copy of my current vapor.yml file'),
    // Shout out to Ryan Chandler for a super useful tooltip plugin
    "Tooltip Package" => app(CreateLink::class)
        ->execute("Tooltip Package",
        ' Package',
        'Alpine-powered tooltips',